a.f.c. Nautilus

Vriendschap en Voetbal, sinds 1928

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Looking for a club to play football in a team of your skill. Are you the talented dribbling king who wants to train,  or are you looking for a fun team that still blazes in the third half? Join Nautilus, a ‘gezellige’ club, where you are more then welcome!

Interested, please complete our contact form or send us an email ( afcnautilus@gmail.com ) and we will contact you .

A.F.C. Nautilus, a place where football fans feel at home!

The origin of the club lies in 1928, founded as a union football team of Shell. In the late sixties Nautilus settled on the Amstelveen Sportlaan. The members have carefully maintained their home over the years. Nautilus remained proud to her small, nostalgic accommodation. The canteen is a typical true football players home where fans love to come.

A.F.C. Nautilus bedankt ING, een betrokken en actieve sponsor voor zowel onze vereniging als voetballend Nederland.